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Hello guys,   nice to see you again after so long! As you might have understood at this point, I am not a really dedicated blogger...but with all the things happened recently I cannot really avoid adding a post this time :)   Just a brief resume of what happened since my last post: - Beginning of August I finished my main secondment in Dublin and moved back to Southampton to enjoy the end of the summer (believe it or not I missed English weather while in Dublin) ;) ... - Work, work, work ... - Analyses, analyses, analyses ... -Writing, writing, writing ... ...and since time flies by, we are already at Christmas time, rigorously to be spent at home... ... -3rd (and unfortunately last) TRUSS Training week in UCD, Dublin. This time the main focus was management...a new topic for me, which I found extremely interesting and useful also for future developments: for sure something I would like to investigate more. Well, there would be a lot to say about th