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Project Management Course

Hello guys, Here again for a small update, many are the things I could speak about, but let's start with one: Project Management Course. Who hasn't heard about Project Management...I've personally heard it at least a million of times over the last couple of years, but never gone really into it, until a month an half ago. Since I am more into technical fields I've always thought that Project Management didn't really fit my work and my career...well, apparently, I couldn't be more wrong!!! I approached this field following a course at UCD, provided by DCM Learning. It was a 4-day course and the majority of us attended it. I am not usually comfortable in actively participating, asking questions, but this time it was different; maybe because I knew all the attendee, maybe because the guy providing the course created the right environment, or maybe just because I was in the right mood...anyway I discovered asking a lot of questions is the way!!! ;) As