Project Management Course

Hello guys,

Here again for a small update, many are the things I could speak about, but let's start with one: Project Management Course.

Who hasn't heard about Project Management...I've personally heard it at least a million of times over the last couple of years, but never gone really into it, until a month an half ago. Since I am more into technical fields I've always thought that Project Management didn't really fit my work and my career...well, apparently, I couldn't be more wrong!!!

I approached this field following a course at UCD, provided by DCM Learning. It was a 4-day course and the majority of us attended it. I am not usually comfortable in actively participating, asking questions, but this time it was different; maybe because I knew all the attendee, maybe because the guy providing the course created the right environment, or maybe just because I was in the right mood...anyway I discovered asking a lot of questions is the way!!! ;)

As you might imagine, 4 days to cover all about Project Management are not enough, but they were enough to get the basic concepts and the structure behind. I am not going to enter in the detail of what I learned (also because I just finished the assignment for the exam...) but it was so revealing. I mean, you can really use the structure they speak about for everything and actually manage your time and resources in a much better way. I used to associate PM just to start-up (don't ask me why), instead it provides a great way for managing every 'project' you want to carry out: your research deliverables, a trip, a party...literally everything! I now understand why it became so popular!

In Italian there is an expression that says: 'chi ben comincia è a metà dell'opera'...the English equivalent would be something like: 'a good start is half the job'. Anyway, the concept is that it is important to start of course, but it has to be a good start to be valuable. How many times have you just started doing something, without sitting down and planning, without even being sure about what you wanted to achieve, just because you couldn't wait to start? and then? realize you didn't estimate correctly how much time or which tolls you needed or the cost? I did it so many times, and with this course I found out why...I didn't have a plan, my estimations were wrong because I didn't estimate at all...


In conclusion, now that at least I have an idea of what people mean when speaking about management, I would like to give you an advice: PLAN PLAN PLAN! Maybe this is quite an obvious concept, but it has never been as clear in mind as it is now;)

See you soon!!!



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