Hello everybody,

I hope you are enjoying the summer, if there it is J

June was such a nice month, with the TRUSS meeting in Santander and the international conference (ICONHIC2016) I attended in Greece. So in this post I want to tell you a bit about these constructive experiences and with a lot of fun as well ;)

The meeting in Santander was with the other PhD students and some supervisors and professors involved in the TRUSS network. The first day was dedicated to the presentation of our projects. A smaller panel followed that presentations, so that every PhD student had the chance to receive advises and suggestions about the project, main goals to achieve and how to do that. This first day took place in ENSA (Equipos Nucleares S.A.), and we also had the chance to have a tour around and see how they manufacture the NSSS (Nuclear Steam Supply System) components. It was an amazing opportunity, since it does not happen often that you can see steam generators, fuel casks, fuel racks etc. After the hard part of the meeting we deserved some relaxing time…and we had a great one! A boat trip along Santander coast followed by a superb dinner in the city centre J.

The second day was dedicated to a cultural event: the cave of Altamira. Even though the weather was closer to a typical English day than that one could expect from Spain in June, we had great time and a nice lunch all together in the town. That was an opportunity to see new places and make stronger the group connection that I have to say is surprisingly strong after only two meeting…probably also because of these events.

Once I was back to Southampton, I had only a few days before leaving again for the conference in Greece; just in time to prepare the presentation and package my stuff.
The international conference I attended is ICONHIC2016, the 1st International Conference on Natural Hazards & Infrastructure, in Crete, Greece. It dealt with protection, design and rehabilitation of infrastructures regarding extreme events such as earthquakes, extreme wind, tornados etc.

Before going I have to admit that I was quite scared since I was going alone and public speaking is not exactly my favourite activity...but finally it was worth. The sessions were very interesting and I attended also some presentations that I believe could help me in my research project. In addition, I do not know if you have ever been to Crete, but if the answer is 'no' I suggest you to go as soon as possible. The sea, the beaches, the sun, the food...what else? Ah of course also friendly people and the night life!
So yes, June was an exciting month, and now that I am back I will try to make in practice all the suggestions and ideas that came from these experience...I will keep you updated on the results!
See you soon!


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