Hello guys,

nice to see you again after so long!
As you might have understood at this point, I am not a really dedicated blogger...but with all the things happened recently I cannot really avoid adding a post this time :)

Just a brief resume of what happened since my last post:
- Beginning of August I finished my main secondment in Dublin and moved back to Southampton to enjoy the end of the summer (believe it or not I missed English weather while in Dublin) ;)
- Work, work, work
- Analyses, analyses, analyses
-Writing, writing, writing
...and since time flies by, we are already at Christmas time, rigorously to be spent at home...
-3rd (and unfortunately last) TRUSS Training week in UCD, Dublin. This time the main focus was management...a new topic for me, which I found extremely interesting and useful also for future developments: for sure something I would like to investigate more. Well, there would be a lot to say about this training week, but I will leave this topic for another post (ASAP).

Yep, you got it right...Australia!

After a long long long trip, I finally arrived in Perth, where the '13th International Conference on Steel, Space and Composite Structures' (SS18) was held. Omitting the 24-hour-trip, the jetlag and tiredness the first impact was amazing (and not only because of the +30 degrees jump)!

Maybe because of the excitement of being halfway around the world (literally 😊 ) or because of the extra energy arising from summer and sun, the tiredness was gone after a few seconds (not the jetlag, but ok, a price that was worth to pay) and I was ready for the registration at the University of Western Australia...where I received this lovely badge!

The conference was attended by a wide range of academics, researchers and professionals from 18 countries; and all the 15 keynote speeches were extremely interesting and inspiring.
In addition, apparently my networking skills are slowly improving, since I had very interesting chats regarding my research project and other interesting topics, with experts in the field which were very willing to help and shear their experience. Probably going alone helped a bit from this point of view, but I am confident that my ability will keep improving ;)


I was going to forget to mention my presentation...in the main auditorium...
When at first I saw the program of the conference, and I discovered I had to present in the main auditorium I got a bit nervous, but maybe because I am kind of getting use to presenting, maybe because I am gradually improving or maybe because of the thrilling environment/surrounding I really felt less scared than the previous times...and I almost enjoyed it!

So, as you might have understood...it was an absolutely amazing experience!

See you soon...with some news about the last training week we had in UCD.



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