Hello everyone,

I have to admit that I was not really good at respecting my 2016 resolution to keep the blog updated…but you know, time flies!

Anyway I’ll try to do better in future.

The first 7 months are gone very fast, and honestly I still don’t realize that. In these months, in addition to get use to a new city, environment and weather (I’ll speak about that in a future post…maybe when I’ll be able to post some ‘spring’ pictures), I’ve carried out literature review mainly on fatigue assessment and structural reliability. How do you say, provide the basis for the following steps?!

This week I have submitted the last of the two reviewing papers I have written for two conferences. The deadlines have been respected; now I have to wait for the response, so finger cross! With these two papers I would say that the state of the art has been left behind; that is, I know that I will deal again and again with literature reviewing, but I like to think that the majority of it is done.

Before pointing out the most interesting aspects found out with this literature review, a picture of a common ship unloader with the name of the elements could be useful to understand what I am speaking about…

Results from recent fatigue assessment carried out showed that a full dynamic analysis would be useful in order to better model the physical behaviour of the structure and to take into account some stresses that have shown to be highly dynamic. Therefore, as soon as the model is built a dynamic analysis will be carried out.

It is interesting to note that the end pins at the front tie members are not free to rotate as they should be, and consequently unexpected bending stresses arise leading to safety problems. This phenomenon will be taken into account in the model with rotatory springs modelling the connections between elements.

So I hope in the next post I’ll be able to show you a bit about this model…

See you soon and for whose of you in UK enjoy the long weekend!



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