Hello everyone,

It's quite a long time I don't write anything...but you know a PhD student life is much busier than I was expecting.

I hope you are having a nice beginning of summer...actually I'm doing my secondment in Dublin and unfortunately I start thinking that here summer will never arrive :P

So quite a lot of things happened since the last blog post...starting from the most recent one we had a workshop in Lloyd's Register in London, it was only two days but very intense. We had the chance to listen to very interesting presentation and to do that in an absolutely amazing location. I made my first poster (that I have to admit was quite good looking :)) and on the second day we had our usual presentation and panel meeting. I don't know if you can see it from the picture...but I think I'm becoming (slowly) more confident in public speaking...I look almost relaxed!

At the beginning of February I started my secondment at UCD in Dublin, where I will stay until the end of July. It was a big change to pass from a big company to university...I have to say that both of them have positive aspects, It is tough for me to say which working environment I would prefer...fortunately for now I don't have to decide :)
Since I arrive here I started focusing on dynamics, something I never thought I could really like, but actually I was wrong. The first approach was tough for me (especially switching from time domain to frequency domain way of thinking) but I start liking it a lot...sometimes I realize my thoughts are really far from the reality...better late than never, right?!

Future plans? Of course there are...and the next adventure will be an international conference in Slovenia. The conference paper I will present is about location-based dynamic amplification factors...my first step towards the 'dynamic world'. There will be a special TRUSS section within the conference so all of us will be there.

So I will keep updated on the response from the conference and on my public speaking skills. Finger cross for my presentation...

See you soon.

Enjoy the nice weather if you can ;)



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